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People Over Positions

Hello Worship Life Tribe!!!! This week I'm doing something a little different and posting a video blog.

Just click below to hear a little encouragement for you regarding how we care for our fellow worship team members. Even if you're not a pastor or leader now, this will be a great principle for you to remember if you ever lead a team.

For those who prefer written text, you can read my video message below!!

I want to encourage the worship pastors and worship leaders to make sure that we care for the people on our team more than we care about the position they fill.


They are more than a position (alto), title (worship member), role (music director), or a gifting (drummer/singer). They are human beings that have lives. They have struggles!!


They have things that they are going through and when we prioritize the person in front of us rather than what they can do for us or what they can provide for our team, then we’re going to create a culture that is healthy on our worship teams. We’re going to create a place where they feel safe, they feel loved, and they feel valued.


So let’s make sure we CARE for our teams. We care for them, the people, more than we do the position that they have on our team.


All For Jesus,

Amber Peairs 


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